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Introduced 75kv high voltage cable

X-ray machines are generally composed of X-ray tube, high-voltage generator, control equipment, cooler, mechanical equipment and 75kv high voltage cable 5m. The 75kv high voltage cable 5m is a must-have component.

75kv high voltage cable 5m is an important part of X-ray machine. Newheek designed and produced the 75kv high voltage cable 5m components and high voltage connector which are suitable for most industrial X-ray applications, and suitable for all medical devices, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray crystals, electron microscopy and optical devices.
The structure of 75kv high voltage cable 5m is divided into coaxial and non-coaxial. The outermost layer, made mostly of plastic, is knitted with black cotton yarn and vinylon thread. The effect is to strengthen the mechanical protection of the cable, reduce external damage, and prevent harmful gas, oil and uv damage to the cable
Secondly, it should be noted when using 75kv high voltage cable 5m:
Prevent overbending of 75kv high voltage cable 5m. Moreover, the bending radius should not be less than 5-8 times of the diameter of the cable, so as to avoid causing cracks and reducing the insulation strength. At ordinary times, it should keep the dry and clean of 75kv high voltage cable 5m, so as to avoid rubber aging by oil, moisture and harmful gases.

Newheek is a professional manufacturer of X-ray machines as well as critical components for maternity leave.Focusing on medical and industrial X-ray applications, the core business is to design, produce and sell high quality X-ray machine high voltage generator, collimator, 75kVDC 5m high voltage cable, exposure hand switch, foot switch and other products.

Our 75kvdc high voltage cable 5m is divided into many types, and the length is divided into 5m,6m,7m and 8m.If you need such a device, welcome to contact us!

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