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What are the advantages of wireless Bluetooth hand switch?

The Bluetooth hand switch developed by Newheek is a wireless hand switch that has a medical device certificate and can replace a wired hand switch. So far, it has been sold to dozens of countries and regions. With the spread of COVID-19 today, a Bluetooth hand switch is very important to protect doctors. So, what are the advantages of a Bluetooth hand switch?

1. Full duplex mode based on Bluetooth 4.0 protocol, reliable connection and outstanding wall penetration performance.

2. The indicator light flashes to indicate that the battery is low and the Bluetooth connection is bad.

3. Two-level output mode developed for the characteristics of radiology work.

4. Convenient and easy-to-use receiving end slide rail fixing method and three-way relay contact output.

5. The control method can be customized according to customer requirements.

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