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Types of C-arm X-ray machine

The C-arm X-ray machine is divided into large C, medium C and small C. It is composed of a C-shaped bracket, a tube, an image intensifier, a CCD camera to collect images, and an image processing workstation. In addition to the differences between large, medium and small, the target users and clinical application scope of the three devices are also different.
The large C-arm X-ray machine is an advanced X-ray diagnostic technology, which performs image processing through an electronic computer, and is mainly used for the diagnosis and treatment of systemic vascular diseases. In the words of a layman, it is to inject a contrast medium into the blood vessel for examination, so that the blood vessel reveals its original shape. Then through the system processing, the blood vessel display is more clear, which is convenient for doctors to diagnose or perform operations.
The scope of clinical application includes the following aspects: 1. Examination of the vascular system of the head and neck. 2. Examination of the chest vascular system. 3. Examination of abdominal vascular system. 4. Examination of the vascular system of the extremities.
Compared with the small C and medium C, the large C-arm X-ray machine is fixed, some are fixed on the ceiling, and some are fixed on the ground. The power is generally greater than 80kw. First of all, for the medium C-arm X-ray machine, the power of the tube has been greatly improved. Secondly, the design system and controllability of medium C products have been greatly improved. The clinical scope of the medium C-arm X-ray machine mainly includes: neurosurgery angiography; digestive tract interventional surgery; limb angiography, minimally invasive interventional surgery.
The small C-arm X-ray machine is also called orthopedic C-arm, and its main uses are orthopedics: osteopathy, reduction, nailing; cardiac pacemaker implantation, part of interventional treatment, part of radiography, etc.
Generally speaking, the main difference between large C, medium C, and small C lies in the scope of its clinical application. In terms of function, the big C is more powerful and of course the price is higher, while the small C is very popular among clinicians because of its flexible and convenient clinical use.
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