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Recently, many customers consult industrial NDT X-ray machines to improve product quality

Some customers call to inquire about our industrial NDT X-ray machines.
Industrial nondestructive testing X-ray machine is used in industrial production testing departments, usually industrial nondestructive testing X-ray machine (NDT), can detect various industrial components, electronic components, internal circuits.

The principle of industrial X-ray machine is a nondestructive testing method that uses the characteristics of X-ray to penetrate material and find defects.
Thus, X-rays can detect internal defects in both metallic and nonmetallic materials.
We use the X-ray phase method to evaluate the quality of the tested products by looking at the internal defects of the processed parts and welding from the X-ray film or through the digital imaging system display, thus improving the quality of the products.
Newheek’s non-destructive testing (NDT) industrial X-ray machine consists of 50KW high frequency and high voltage generator, ball tube, imaging system, digital camera and integrated industrial software.
The head is high frequency independent head, not combined head, which can run continuously for a long time.
Non-destructive testing of industrial X-ray machines can not only detect automobile parts, electronic parts, castings, containers, semiconductors, lithium batteries, but also detect cracks, bubbles, internal defects of glass, ceramics, stone, bones, plastics, etc., and eliminate hidden quality problems of products.
If your company needs to use industrial NDT X-ray machine to further improve product quality, please contact us.

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