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Czech customer inquiring X-ray machine high voltage cable

A Czech client asked about the high-voltage cable for the X-ray machine.
In this article I would like to introduce to you the 75KV and 90KV high voltage cables produced by Newheek.
The high voltage cable is connected to the high voltage generator and the X-ray ball tube assembly of the large and medium-sized X-ray machine.
The 75KV high voltage cable of X-ray machine is mainly used for the connection between 125KV pipe voltage bulb and high voltage generator, while the 90KV high voltage cable is mainly used for the connection between 150KV pipe voltage bulb and high voltage generator.
X-ray machine high voltage cable has straight pipe and bend pipe connection, any length can be customized.
The high voltage cable conductor of X-ray machine is tin-plated copper, which is not easy to oxidize. The nominal cross section is 1.8mm.
The connector is configured with a three-hole plug.
Pay attention to the corresponding positions of the three holes during installation.
The three holes are marked C(common endpoint), S(small focus) and L(large focus).
C hole is on the top, S hole is on the left, L hole is on the right.
If the hole is not installed correctly, it will affect the normal use of the cable.
Usually also pay attention to keep the cable dry, clean, avoid oil, moisture and harmful gas corrosion, to avoid rubber aging.
If you have any further questions about the high voltage cable used by the X-ray machine, please contact us!

Author: 肖恩

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