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Advantages of digital x-ray machine

Digital X-ray machine (DR) has won the attention of many hospitals, and the proportion of its clinical application is also increasing. Most large hospitals in China are equipped with digital X-ray machines. Why is the digital x-ray machine accepted by everyone so quickly, and what are its advantages?
1. The digital X-ray machine can obtain high-resolution images with a lower shooting dose. DR uses a chest X-ray frame to assist in shooting, and the patient receives less X-ray dose. In addition, the screen sensitivity of DR can be as high as 400 or even 1000, so it can use very low X-rays to complete photography.
2. The shooting time of digital X-ray machine is short. DR is direct digital photography, which can be imaged after 6S exposure. After 10 seconds of transportation and storage, the clinical workstation can use it immediately. The talk time is 2~4S. From photography to imaging, the entire front of the chest takes 2 minutes.
3. The outstanding advantages of digital X-ray machines are high resolution and clear and delicate images. Doctors can perform various image post-processing such as digital subtraction according to their needs to obtain ideal diagnostic results.
4. Digital X-ray machines can help hospitals achieve full digitalization and realize remote diagnosis through network transmission. Experts from various departments can read patients’ movie information in time and improve doctors’ work efficiency. Patient satisfaction is improved.
5. The digital X-ray machine has a mass storage function, and there is no need to set up another film room for storage, ensuring that the picture definition will not have various problems over time, saving management costs, realizing non-film file management, and saving resources
6. The digital X-ray machine can display digital images in real time under the state of fluoroscope. Doctors can take digital photography according to the patient’s condition, and then extract rich and reliable clinical diagnosis information through a series of image post-processing functions (such as edge enhancement, magnification, black and white enhancement, image smoothing, etc.). Good diagnostic conditions for early detection of lesions.
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