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Customers buy high-voltage cables used by X-ray machines

A customer bought one of our high-voltage cables. The customer is a private hospital in Jiangsu. Their original high-voltage cable for X-ray machine had oil leakage, so they wanted to buy a new high-voltage cable for X-ray machine. High-voltage cables are mainly used to connect tubes and high-voltage generators to X-ray machines, DR, CT and other equipment.

The customer’s machine is a certain brand of X-ray machine, the tube is 150KV. Therefore, we recommend 90KV, 8m high-voltage cables to customers. Customers think that we are a manufacturer of high-voltage cables, more professional and trustworthy, so they placed orders soon. After receiving the goods, the customer is very satisfied and highly appraise our products.

Newheek produces two kinds of high voltage cables, one is 75KV high voltage cable, suitable for 125KV tube; the other is 90KV x-ray machine high voltage cable, suitable for 150KV tube. In addition, the length of the cable can be customized. For example, the u-arm x-ray machine uses an 8-meter-long high-voltage cable for the x-ray machine, and the gastrointestinal x-ray machine uses a 12-meter-long high-voltage cable for the x-ray machine. Of course, some customers have special requirements and can be customized. Our cable length is not fixed, but it can be customized according to customer’s specific requirements.

The cables produced by our company are not only used in the domestic market, but also sold to many countries and regions in the world, and are well received. If you need high voltage cables, please contact us.

Author: 肖恩

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