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x ray hand switch configuration and model

The x ray hand switch control mode is flexible and easy to use. Newheek x ray hand switch has built-in Omron switch, which can be compatible and configured with different types of X-ray machines.

The x ray hand switch is used to control X-ray exposure and help doctors stay away from radiation. Newheek x ray hand switch is divided into various types and models, including wired and wireless x ray hand switch. The switch gears are divided into first gear, second gear and third gear.
There are six models of wired hand brakes: L01, L02, L03, L04, L05 and L06. L01, L02, L04 are two-gear x ray hand switch, L05, L06 are one-gear x ray hand switch, and L03 is three-gear x ray hand switch. Two types are the most widely used. Generally, the two-speed x ray hand switch can be applied to different types of X-ray machines, and the one-speed x ray hand switch is usually applied to dental X-ray machines.
Newheek x ray hand switch is composed of handle, coil, core wire, bracket and plug. The plug is not a standard configuration, but we can customize services for you according to customer needs to meet your different purchase needs. If you are interested, please contact us!

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