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UC-Arm Flat Panel DR

UC-Arm Flat Panel DR

Main Technology Parameters

Flat Panel Detector

Flat panel detector: cesium iodide amorphous silicon

Image Acquisition Size: 43×43cm (17″×17″)

Limiting Resolution: 3.6LP/mm

Pixel Matrix: 3008×3012(9 million pixel)

Pixel Size: 143um

Data Output: 14 Bit

DQE: pixel fill rate is 70%

Min preview time: 3s

Fully display time: <8s

Acquisition Cycle: Collect again after fully displayed

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Type: FDX4343

Collection Software


1. Unique HR high resolution and HE high efficient work mode can be chose freely according to the different body part.

2. HR high resolution mode is suitable for arms, legs, and details observation.

3. HE high efficient mode is suitable for lumber and chest check and other thicker tissue checks.

4. English operation interface is convenient to operate, and collect images. It also has organization balance, contrast enhancement, edge enhancement, image smooth/sharpen, filter functions.

5. It has standard DICOM connector, so the net compatibility is better.

6. It has the patent technology, which doesn’t need cooling system.

7. It has the bar code scanning input function.

Manufacturer: Korea COMED


Collection Workstation

Dual-core structure model, 2G internal storage, 320G disk, 19 inches monitor

Brand: Dell

50KW HV Generator

Max. KV: 150KV

MAX. mA: 500

X-Ray Tube

Max. kV: 150kV

Heat Capacity: 150KHU

Focus: 0.6/1.2

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Type: E7843X

Intelligent UC-Arm

Up-Down Travel: 1200mm

Focus Distance: 1000~1800mm

Rotation: -30~120°

Manufacturer: COMED

Type: TITAN2000

Radiography Table 

4-wheels mobile table

Manufacturer: COMED

Type: TITAN2000

Manual Collimator

Manufacturer: COMED

Type: TITAN2000


Density: 103 Ll/in

Grid Format Radio: 10:1

Focus Distance: 1000mm

Size: 17×17in.

Manufacturer: Korea

HV Cables:

Withstand voltage: 75KV

Post-Processing Workstation

Dual-Core mode, 2G internal storage, 320G disk, Print picture and word report, case model function, HP laser printer.

Professional operation platform

Matched with power supply, internet access and other interface, and talkback.


The above configuration are matched with installation, adjustment, and training. The software is upgraded freely!

UC-Arm Flat Panel DR

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