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Veterinary 3.5KW Mobile X-Ray Machine

              Veterinary 3.5KW Mobile X-Ray Machine

Main Technology Parameters(High Frequency)

1. Power Supply Parameters

Single Phase Power Supply: 220V±22V(the socket must meet the safe standard)

Power Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

Power Supply Capacity: 4kVA

Power Supply Internal Resistance: <0.5Ω

2. Specifications Size

X-Ray Tube Horizontal Extensional Range: ≥800mm

The Max. Distance from X-Ray Tube to Ground: 1800mm±20mm

The Min. Distance from X-Ray Tube to Ground: 490mm±20mm

Device Park Size: 1400×640×1300(mm)

Device Weight: 130(kg)

3. Main Technology Parameter

Nominal Output Power: 3.2kW

X-Ray Tube: Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube XD6-1.1,3.5/100

Anode Target Angle: 19°

Collimator: Manual Adjustment

Location Light: 24V Halogen Bulb, average illumination is no less than 100Lx

Max. Cassette Size/1m SID: 450mm×450mm

Max. Ground Surface Slope: ≤10°

Nominal Output Power: 3.2kW(100kV×32mA=3.2kW)

Tube Voltage(KV): 40~100kV(1KV increase/decrease progressively)

Tube Current: 32mA, 40mA, 50mA

Exposure Time(s): 0.01~4s

Current-Time Product(mAs): 1~200mAs

Tube Current and Tube Voltage Adjustment Range

Veterinary 3.5KW Mobile X-Ray Machine


1. It is specially used for ward and emergency ward radiography.

2. Flexible mobile operation function.

3. Wireless remote control exposure function can reduce doctor radiation.

Veterinary 3.5KW Mobile X-Ray Machine

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