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UC arm X-ray machine introduction

UC arm can directly digital X-ray photography system can be vertical, horizontal movement and rotation, intelligent design, to meet all parts of the human body. multi-angle photography.Reflectance single CCD detector, long-term reliable and consistent image quality, greatly reduce the cost of use, reduce the requirements of the system on the installation site, clinical use is convenient.
UC arm X ray machine introduction
UC arm frame has infrared protection function and is completely reliable.
UC arm has two functions: reset and rotary protection.It can preset three positions on the machine. Press three reset keys and the system will move to the preset position. When the u-shaped arm is in a low position, press the key to rotate.It doesn’t rotate. Then raise it to a higher position and it will work. This function is to prevent the UC arm from overturning and falling when the machine rotates due to its contact with the ground.
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