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Vehicle-mounted DR

Vehicle-mounted DR is dedicated to special vehicles such as medical examination vehicles and medical vehicles. It is more convenient than department DR and has quite good seismic effects. Customizing vehicle-mounted DR on physical examination vehicles can efficiently complete radiation medical examination projects. When medical vehicle manufacturers produce DR vehicles, they consider that the power of vehicle-mounted DR is slightly lower than that of department DR, and its radiation X dose is much less. Therefore, when producing DR medical examination vehicles, they will establish lead protection rooms and install DR lead protection rooms for medical examination vehicles. The focus is to extend the service life of the medical examination vehicle and to make the vehicle-mounted DR mobile medical examination vehicle safer during driving.
DR is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by the combination of computer digital image processing technology and X-ray radiation technology. The customized on-board DR on the medical examination vehicle can carry out real-time image digital processing, and then realize digitization.

Vehicle x ray machine

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