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Vehicle x ray machine

Recently, many customers are interested in our products. A customer from South America recently wanted to configure a Vehicle X-ray machine, and he made a brochure of the products he needed and sent it to us, asking whether we have similar products.
According to the publicity brochure of Vehicle X-ray machine, it includes high-voltage generator, chest X-ray frame, beam limiter, X-ray tube, high-voltage cable, pillar and DR flat detector.
For this purpose, Newheek not only includes the products that customers need, but also can customize them according to the needs of customers. Got his great affirmation.
He then asked about the installation and quality of the equipment.
Vehicle x ray machine
As for Vehicle X-ray machine installation, we need customers to provide us with vechcile internal dimensions and layout, and we will design digital X-ray devices according to their specifications.
Digital X-ray equipment will be fully adjusted before delivery. Then we will make detailed installation pictures for the customer. When the customer receives the equipment, just follow our design and installation drawing to install it. The picture will do.
And in the future use, if you have any problems, our engineers can provide you with online technical support.
Newheek Vehicle X-ray machine can meet your different purchase needs.

Author: Glinda

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