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What button does the movement of the U-arm?

Newheek U-arm can be rotated 90° by pressing a button, and then the height of the cart can be adjusted according to the height of different people.

The U-arm can also be equipped with a radiology table, and people can also lie on a radiology table for photography.

It controls the lift with one key, and the rotation has been adjusted to the best angle and distance.

It can also adjust the distance between beam limiter, spherical tube and detector by keys to achieve higher quality imaging.

At the same time, the spherical tube and generator on the U-arm are high frequency and high voltage.

Now power-frequency X-ray machines have gradually withdrawn from the market, replaced by high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray machines.

So Newheek U-arm has been very popular in the market recently and can meet all kinds of filming needs.

How to control the movement of the U-arm by means of keys is reflected in the video.

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