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Vertical dental X-ray machine used with dental sensors

Customer inquires about vertical dental X-ray. The client said it was bidding in the hospital and needed the product information and quotation of the vertical dental X-ray. I first sent the dental X-ray product information to the customer, and asked the customer what he wanted? Customers said that hospitals tend to use wall-mounted dental X-ray machines and vertical dental X-rays. I recommend customers to use vertical dental X-rays because they look more high-end and simple to install. The customer asked about the dental sensor again and asked about the price. I told my customers that our sensors are usually equipped with computers, because the sensors have relatively high requirements for computer interfaces, and some are afraid that they won’t be used. Customers said they can buy them together. Then I quoted the price of the vertical dental X-ray to the client. The client asked the question about the freight and tax, and said that I would reply when it was decided.

vertical dental X-ray

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