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Portable X-ray machine for taking pictures of limbs, shoulders and neck

Some customers inquire about portable X-ray machines. The client opened a small orthopedics clinic at home, mainly taking pictures of the limbs, shoulders and neck, and wanted to buy a portable X-ray machine to assist in diagnosis. According to customer requirements, I recommend 100ma mobile DR to customers. This portable X-ray machine is small in size and easy to move. It is more suitable for shooting limbs, shoulders, necks, and chest. Then, I sent the product information of the portable X-ray machine to the customer and made a preliminary quotation. Inform the customer that this is a digital imaging X-ray machine, the shooting is clearer and easier to use. The customer said that he would analyze the product and price first, and then he would reply to me when he was sure enough to buy it.
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portable X-ray machine

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