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Vertical X-ray machine with specific spotting function

Recently, a customer inquired about the vertical X-ray machine that may need to go through the bidding process, and sent the technical parameters and product pictures of the vertical X-ray machine to the customer. The customer asked about the point of the vertical X-ray machine. Film function, but the effect is not good. Not recommended, the perspective effect of the vertical X-ray machine is no problem. Digital vertical fluoroscopy X-ray machine quotes *10,000, and analog vertical fluoroscopy X-ray machine quotes *10,000. Tell customers the difference between digital and analog vertical X-ray machines. The customer thinks that the price is still a bit high, and the price may be different if the configuration is different. However, our company has shipped a lot of equipment for this X-ray vertical fluoroscopy machine, and the quality is still reliable.
Today, I asked the customer how the vertical X-ray machine has been negotiated with the user. The customer said that it has not been determined yet, but it is estimated that it will not be purchased years ago.
Today’s sharing is here first. In addition, our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest film racks, and various types of X-ray machine parts. Welcome to call us!

Author: Lillian

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