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Wall-mounted dental X-ray machine


Oral health is an important part of general health. In 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed that oral disease is a serious public health problem, which needs active prevention and treatment.Oral health includes: “Absence of chronic oral and maxillofacial pain, oropharyngeal cancer, oral ulcers, congenital defects such as cleft lip and palate, periodontal (gum) disease, caries, tooth loss and other diseases and disorders affecting the oral cavity”.Oral health directly or indirectly affects general health.Oral diseases such as caries, periodontal disease will destroy the tooth hard tissue and the supporting tissue around the tooth, in addition to affecting the chewing, speech, aesthetics and other functions, but also cause social communication difficulties and psychological barriers.Some microorganisms exist in the mouth for a long time, can cause or aggravate some systemic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, harm the health of the whole body, affect the quality of life.

Systemic diseases on oral health can not be ignored, some systemic diseases may appear in the mouth corresponding characterization.For example, the ability of diabetes patients to fight infection decreases, often accompanied by periodontitis, tooth extraction wound difficult to heal.The wall-mounted dental X-ray machine manufactured by NEWHEEK is mainly used for the examination of the teeth in the department of stomatology to detect the lesions.


Product Advantages:

1. Clear image, high efficiency, international advanced technology.

2. Low radiation, the amount of radiation leakage is only 1% of the national regulation.

3, touch the button, microcomputer control, only one button can quickly and accurately determine the exposure parameters.

4, bright room flushing, one minute imaging, immediately used for diagnosis, the greatest degree of convenience for doctors to diagnose.

  1. The two-meter-long hanger structure not only saves space but also facilitates the doctors to take pictures in all directions.Digital imaging with oral cavity.The system is used together.

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