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What are the advantages of digital DR x ray machine?

According to the national standards for medical device inspection fees, digital DR system x ray machine is 2-3 times more expensive than ordinary filming. The benefits are obvious!

1. The digital DR system image is exquisite, high definition, high resolution, and good image effect, which is convenient for the doctor to judge the patient’s condition. Improve the efficiency of doctors and the image of the hospital.

2.The digital DR system is wide dynamic range, wide exposure latitude, images can be post-processed, and multiple images can be displayed for easy diagnosis.

3.The digital DR system get high-quality images with lower doses of radiation, reduce skin dose, and minimize X-ray damage to doctors and patients.

4.The digital DR system massive storage of the computer, no need to arrange the room to store the film, to ensure that the picture clarity will not appear various problems with time, colleagues save management costs, achieve film-free file management, save resources.

5.The digital DR system can help the hospital realize full digitalization, and can realize remote diagnosis by network transmission. Experts in various departments can read the film information of patients in time to improve the work efficiency of doctors. Patient satisfaction increased.


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