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What are the advantages of digital DR compared with ordinary X-ray machines?

Compared with traditional ordinary X-ray machines, digital DR X-ray machines have the following advantages:
1. High image quality: Digital DR uses digital imaging technology to provide higher resolution and clearer image quality, helping doctors to diagnose more accurately.
2. Fast imaging: The imaging speed of the digital DR X-ray machine is faster, and images can be obtained instantly, eliminating the development and processing time of traditional film methods and improving work efficiency.
3. Radiation dose adjustment: DR equipment has the function of adjusting radiation dose, which can optimize the dose according to the patient’s specific situation and examination needs, thereby minimizing the damage of radiation to patients and medical staff.
4. Data storage and transmission: The image data of the DR X-ray machine is stored in a digital format, which facilitates remote viewing, comparison and archiving. In addition, the digital DRX machine can transmit image data through the network to facilitate cross-regional remote diagnosis and collaboration by doctors.
5. Automation and intelligent functions: DR X-ray machines have many automated and intelligent functions, such as automatic exposure control, automatic adjustment of image contrast and brightness, etc., which help reduce the operator’s workload and improve work efficiency and image quality.
Overall, digital DR X-ray machines provide higher quality images, faster imaging, more reliable radiation dose control, and more convenient data storage and transmission through the application of digital technology, which is an important step in modern medical imaging diagnosis. One of the tools.
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