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What are the characteristics of the vehicle-mounted DR X-ray machine?

Medical vehicle-mounted DR (digital ray) system refers to a device used for medical imaging diagnosis, mainly used to obtain and process X-ray images. The following are some features of in-vehicle DR systems:
1. Portability: The vehicle-mounted DR system is designed to meet the needs of medical sites. It can be easily placed on a medical vehicle for image collection and diagnosis at any time.
2. High image quality: The DR system uses digital imaging technology to provide high-resolution and high-contrast X-ray images, thereby providing more accurate diagnostic results.
3. Fast imaging: Compared with traditional film imaging methods, the DR system has a faster imaging speed and can quickly acquire X-ray images and improve work efficiency.
4. Low radiation dose: The DR system can adjust the radiation dose according to the specific needs of the patient, which can minimize the damage of radiation to patients and medical staff.
5. Data storage and transmission: The imaging data of the DR system can be stored and transmitted in digital format, which facilitates remote viewing and report generation by doctors, and improves the efficiency of collaboration and diagnosis.
6. Versatility: Vehicle-mounted DR systems usually have multiple imaging modes and processing functions and can be used for different types of medical examinations, including bones, chest, abdomen, etc.
It is necessary to select a suitable vehicle-mounted DR system according to specific medical scenarios to meet the needs of patients and medical staff and provide high-quality medical imaging services. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.  Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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