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What are the classifications of veterinary X-ray machines?

The veterinary X-ray machine is one of the necessary equipment in a pet clinic. It can help veterinarians make more accurate diagnoses, especially when superficial symptoms are not obvious or injuries need to be accurately located, veterinary X-ray machines can come in handy. It can take pictures of the pet’s head, chest, abdomen and limbs, and understand the specific parts of the injury through X-rays. From the appearance point of view, veterinary X-ray machines can be divided into small and large, mobile and fixed. From the perspective of application scope, it can be used to photograph cats and dogs, as well as large livestock such as cattle and sheep.

When purchasing a veterinary X-ray machine, you need to choose the appropriate model and specifications based on the specific shooting object. At the same time, some advanced veterinary X-ray machines can also add veterinary flat-panel detectors to upgrade the DR system. In this way, the image can be seen immediately after exposure, providing more accurate and rapid help for the treatment and recovery of pets.

In general, the veterinary X-ray machine is one of the indispensable equipment in modern pet clinics. It can not only help veterinarians accurately judge the condition of their pets, but also improve operational efficiency and reduce misdiagnosis rates. Therefore, when purchasing a veterinary X-ray machine, you must not only choose a brand with good performance, but also consider the operation and after-sales service thoroughly, so as to truly improve the efficiency and professionalism of the clinic.
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