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What are the main structures of DR equipment in radiology departments?

DR equipment, that is, digital X-ray equipment (Digital Radiography), is a medical equipment widely used in modern medical imaging. It can be used to diagnose diseases in different parts and provide clearer and more accurate imaging results. The main structure of the DR X-ray machine consists of the following parts:
1. X-ray emission device: X-ray emission device is one of the key parts of DR equipment. It consists of X-ray tube, high voltage generator and filter. The X-ray emission device can generate high-energy X-rays and can be adjusted and controlled as needed. The high-voltage generator is responsible for providing the appropriate voltage and current to generate the required X-ray energy.
2. Flat-panel detector: Another important component of DR equipment is the detector. A detector is a sensor device that converts X-rays passing through human tissue into electrical signals. A common detector is a flat panel detector (FPD), which consists of an image sensor, a transparent conductive electrode and an encapsulation layer. FPD can convert X-ray energy into electric charges and transmit them to computers for processing and display through electrical signals.
3. Electronic control system: The electronic control system of DR equipment is responsible for managing and controlling the operation of the X-ray emission device and detector. It includes computers, control panels, digital signal processors, image processing software, etc. The computer is the core control center of the DR equipment. It can receive, process and store the data transmitted by the detector and convert it into visual image results.
4. Display and image storage system: DR equipment presents image results to doctors and patients through high-quality displays. Monitors usually use liquid crystal technology (LCD), which can display high-resolution and detailed images. In addition, image storage systems allow imaging results to be saved in a digital format for subsequent retrieval, sharing, and comparative analysis.
To sum up, the main structure of a complete set of DR X-ray machine equipment includes X-ray emission device, flat panel detector, electronic control system, display and image storage system. These components work together to enable DR X-ray machines to produce high-quality and accurate medical images, providing more precise diagnosis and treatment options. With the continuous development of science and technology, DR equipment is also constantly improved and optimized to provide more efficient and reliable tools for medical diagnosis. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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