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What are the three commonly used X-ray machines?

Today we will take a look at some basic X-ray machines. It is also convenient for us to choose the most suitable X-ray machine according to our needs.
There are many types of X-ray machines, and there are different types according to different classification methods. Medical and medical diagnostic X-ray machines refer to X-ray machines that use X-rays to form various images through the human body to diagnose patients. According to different classification methods, X-ray machines can be divided into different types. Today we first classify according to the structure:
①Portable X-ray machine The X-ray machine is simple in structure, light in weight, and easy to install and unload.
②Mobile X-ray machine This X-ray machine is compact in structure and small in size. The X-ray generator and application equipment are compactly assembled on the machine base. The base is equipped with rollers or a battery car.
③ Fixed X-ray machine The X-ray machine has many parts, heavy weight and complex structure, so it needs to be used in a dedicated machine room.

mobile X-ray machine

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