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Newheek’s high-frequency veterinary X-ray machine

Now more and more families are raising pets. When pets go to the hospital with bone and joint, chest and lung diseases, visceral diseases, etc., they will use high-frequency veterinary X-ray machines. What about pet hospitals? Choose a high-quality high-frequency veterinary X-ray machine? Pets are not as obedient as humans and are likely to tremble during shooting, so it is important to consider wearing a pet’s harness or taking a very short exposure.
High-frequency veterinary X-ray machines have the same principle as X-ray machines, and X-rays belong to ionizing radiation. The difference is that the radiation dose to the human body X-ray machine is very large, and a separate shielding room is required; while the radiation dose of the mobile high-frequency veterinary X-ray machine is very small, generally there is no need to do a separate shielding, which is harmful to humans. Very small.
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high-frequency veterinary X-ray machine

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