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You can find us at Newheek to buy X-ray machines

A customer consulted our X-ray machine. Through communication, we learned that the customer opened a new hospital in the local area. If you want to understand the market situation, first make a budget.
We reply to our customers. We Newheek specializes in the production of X-ray machines and accessories for more than 20 years. X-ray machines have various styles. We recommend that customers first ask the specific needs of the hospital, and then we recommend suitable X-ray machines for them. The customer asked if the hospital might need other accessories such as film printers, and asked if we have any. They replied that although we don’t produce printers, a friendly company with a partner can choose and recommend them to purchase by themselves.
The customer said that he would contact us when the purchase list of the X-ray machine came out. If you are also interested in X-ray machines, please contact us.

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