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Use of dental X-ray machine with dental sensor

Last week, a customer from Anhui called to inquire about our dental X-ray machine. The customer is a manufacturer of dental sensors and wants a dental X-ray machine as a complete set. After I briefly introduced our products to the customers, the customers felt that our products were more in line with their requirements. Later, I sent our product brochures to the customers, and the customers said they would reply after the research. Let’s take a look at it together:
Our dental X-ray machines are available in three styles: portable, wall-mounted and vertical dental X-ray machines. Among them, the portable dental X-ray machine is the most convenient. The product advantages of its dental X-ray machine are:
1. Simple and generous, portable and light, clear image, close to zero radiation.
2. Stable performance, complete functions, and convenient operation.
3. Free to choose AC, DC or AC, DC two-way power-on mode.
4. It can be fixed freely, such as vertical type, wall type, dental chair, etc.
5. Free to choose wireless remote control or hand-held switch for exposure control.
Wall-mounted dental X-ray machines and vertical dental X-ray machines are more suitable for professional dental clinics and hospitals. The advantages of dental X-ray machines are:
1. The image is clear, high efficiency, and adopts international advanced technology.
2. Low radiation, the amount of radiation leakage is only one percent of the national regulations.
3. With the touch of a button, it is controlled by a microcomputer, and the exposure parameters can be determined quickly and accurately with just one button.
4. Bright room flushing, imaging in one minute, immediately used for diagnosis, to the greatest extent convenient for doctors to diagnose.
5. The two-meter-long hanger structure saves space and is convenient for doctors to take pictures in all directions. Can be used with oral digital imaging
The system is used together.
The above is a brief introduction of our dental X-ray machine, welcome to consult!

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