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What are the types and main functions of X-ray machines?

The X-ray machine for diagnosis has different functions due to its different structure and output power. Now take the medium-sized X-ray machine as an example to briefly describe its various functions.
X-ray machine perspective: The so-called perspective is a type of diagnostic method that uses X-rays to have two major characteristics of penetration and fluorescence, and is realized by means of a fluorescent screen.
At this stage, the types and configurations of X-ray machines are very different, so the functions of different types of X-ray machines that are also decided are not the same. So in order to allow us to choose the most suitable machine for us, we will take a look Let’s take a look at the various functional categories of different X-ray machines.
(1) Gastrointestinal barium fluoroscopy Due to the lack of density differences between the digestive tract tissues, common fluoroscopy is not easy to find the disease, so it is necessary to take oral barium sulfate that can absorb X-rays to form an image with obvious contrast to diagnose the disease.
(2)Ordinary fluoroscopy uses the difference in density between different tissues of the human body, or the morphological difference between normal tissue and diseased tissue, to form a contrast image of density (or brightness for diagnosis.
See here that everyone has a clearer understanding of the perspective function of the X-ray machine for diagnosis.If you have an intention, please call us.

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