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What kind of X-ray machine is more convenient for medical examination

During the epidemic period, there were obviously more customers who used x ray machines for medical examination. So what should we pay attention to when choosing medical examination equipment? Let’s have a look.
First of all, we made it clear that the physical examination during the epidemic mainly focused on chest radiograph examination, so the x ray machine dose we chose should be at least 100mA so that we could make a clear picture.
Next, choose a small volume, light weight mobile or portable x ray machine, easy to carry, suitable for outdoor use.
Finally, compared with traditional film imaging, digital imaging system is more suitable for physical examination. Rapid imaging can be performed on the spot to judge the examination results, which saves time to a large extent.
The digital imaging system of Newheek 5KW portable X-ray machine fully meets the above conditions. It is composed of a 100mA high-frequency X-ray machine, a digital plate detector, a workstation and a rack. It is a good choice for physical examination and film making.

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