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Option of dental X-ray machine

Recently, there are many customers who consult the dental X-ray machine. The dental X-ray machine is used for the film inspection of a single tooth. So what factors should be paid attention to when choosing a dental X-ray machine.
Dental X-ray machines are divided into three styles: portable, wall-mounted and vertical. First of all, we need to confirm the needs of users, the main usage scenarios, and determine which style is more suitable. If the user is often used for outdoor physical examinations, or if the doctor is experienced and can take pictures in the hand, it is recommended that the user buy a portable dental X-ray machine. If the user’s hospital or dental office has a small floor space and a strong ceiling or wall, a wall-mounted dental X-ray machine can be recommended. If the user uses a wide floor area, a vertical dental X-ray machine can be recommended.
In addition, the digital dental X-ray machine gradually replaces the traditional film processing. If users need, they can choose a digital dental sensor, equipped with a 2-meter cable, USB interface, can be used when plugged into a computer, instant imaging, convenient for doctors to diagnose.
If you have a dental X-ray machine purchase requirement, please come to us for purchase.

dental X-ray machine

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