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Our C-arm X-ray machine in Newheek

The C-arm X-ray machine is also called Xiao C. As the name suggests, the equipment is composed of a C-shaped frame, a tube that generates X-rays, an image intensifier and a CCD camera to collect images, and a workstation for image processing. The C-arm X-ray machine is mainly used for fluoroscopy and spot film in various operations, and it is also different from other X-ray equipment such as U-arm, G-arm, etc. The control methods of C-arm mainly include: handheld controller control, foot switch controller control, automatic fluoroscopy, manual fluoroscopy, pulse fluoroscopy and other control methods.
The C-arm X-ray machine produced by Newheek is mainly composed of a host (mobile frame, console), X-ray generator, image intensifier, camera, LCD monitor, image processing workstation, printer, and trolley. The maximum can withstand the tube voltage of 110KV and the tube current of 70mA. The vertical range of C-arm is 400mm, the horizontal movement range of front and back is 200 mm, the range of C-arm rotation around the horizontal axis is ±180°; the range of C-arm sliding along the track is -20°~ 90°; The swing angle of the C-arm is ±12.5°, and the distance from the focal point of the X-ray tube to the receiving surface of the image intensifier is 977mm.
Features of C-arm X-ray machine:
1. High-frequency and high-voltage generator to improve image quality while reducing radiation dose
2. Excellent price-performance ratio, an ideal choice for medical units
3. Equipped with IBS, enhanced fluoroscopy, and adapted to different clinical needs
4. Megapixel camera with higher image clarity
5. Recursive noise reduction, Gamma correction, image enhancement, last frame retention, positive and negative film display, up and down, left and right, 360° rotation at any angle
6. Store patient data and print graphic reports

C-arm X-ray machine

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