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What does the X-ray beamer do? Does it have to be used?

In the system of the X-ray machine, there is such a component, which does not look very conspicuous, and its function is relatively simple. It is to adjust the irradiation range of the X-ray, which seems to be dispensable, that is, the beamer, then the beam of light What role does the device have in this system, and is it still necessary to use it now?
In fact, the function of the beamer is relatively simple, and anyone who has used a flashlight can easily understand it. A beamer is a device that adjusts the range of the final output of x-rays. A device with a beamer is similar to our flashlight, and the final output of x-rays has a range and clear edges. If the beamer is not used, the output method can be used to turn on the lighting of the mobile phone, and the edge of the illumination cannot be basically distinguished.
For X-ray machines, if a beamer is not used, the irradiation range is basically uncontrollable, so in order to reduce the radiation to the subject, a beamer is essential.

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