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Why are portable X-ray machines becoming more and more popular?

In the daily sales process, more and more customers are asking about portable X-ray machines. In the daily production process, we also call them portable X-ray machines, so why are portable X-ray machines becoming more and more popular now? Woolen cloth?
First of all, thanks to the development of current technology, the X-ray machine system can continue to advance towards miniaturization. In fact, the development of any science and technology will eventually develop towards miniaturization (except for mobile phone screens). Therefore, the mobile and portable X-ray machine also has a technical basis.
The other is the current demand for portable mobile X-ray machines. The price of portable X-ray machines is lower than that of large X-ray machines, mainly for shooting orthopedic designs. Therefore, in many orthopedic outpatient clinics and departments that need to go out, they will be purchased and used in large quantities.

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