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What is a pet DR X-ray machine?

Pet DR is a ubiquitous product in the veterinary X-ray industry. Especially today, when pet health is increasingly valued, any large pet hospital must purchase a DR.
Pet DR is a digital X-ray examination professionally used for pet X-ray photography. It reconstructs images by computer and performs a series of image post-processing. It is a must-have equipment for mid-to-high-end pet hospitals. By performing X-ray imaging of different parts of pets, it assists pet doctors in conducting timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Because pet DR uses digital technology, it can perform various image post-processing according to clinical needs, such as automatic image processing technology, edge enhancement and clear technology, zoom roaming, image stitching and other rich functions. In addition, due to the wide dynamic range of DR technology, high X-ray quantum detection efficiency (DQE), and wide exposure latitude, good images can be obtained even if the exposure conditions are slightly poor. The emergence of DR breaks the concept of traditional X-ray images and realizes the coveted transformation from analog X-ray images to digital X-ray images.
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