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What is the composition of the image intensifier camera tube?

Yesterday we talked about the structure of the image intensifier tube consisting of an electron gun, a photoelectric conversion lens, a sight ring and a glass envelope.

a) The role of the electron gun: generating an electron beam a. The role of the electron gun: to generate an electron beam
The structure consists of a filament (spiral, supplied with 3-6 V, emitting electrons), a cathode (zero potential, auxiliary cathode emitter electrode), a control pole (dome-shaped, with a small hole in the middle facing towards the cathode)), the first anode (plus + 300 V), the second anode (plus + 300-350 V), the grid electrode (the electron beam is perpendicular to the target surface) and the like.
b. photoelectric conversion lens
Role: to achieve photoelectric conversion
Structural composition: anti-reflective layer, glass layer (support effect), signal layer (conductive aluminum oxide film, connected to the destination ring), photosensitive semiconductor layer (reduced light irradiation resistivity, different illumination, different resistivity )
c. Target ring: the role is to extract the electrical signal
d) Glass case: support and maintenance of the vacuum inside the tube

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