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What is the working principle of the image intensifier camera tube?

Earlier we talked about the role of the image intensifier TV camera is to complete the image decomposition and signal pickup under the control circuit. The image intensifier TV camera consists of a lens, a camera tube (image conversion device), a deflection yoke control and protection circuit, and a preamplifier circuit.

The structure and function of the image intensifier camera tube and the structure and function of the internal components (electron gun, photoelectric conversion target, target ring, glass casing, etc.) have been discussed. What is the principle of the camera tube today?
Image intensifier camera tube works:
It can be seen from the equivalent schematic diagram that a closed circuit is composed of a cathode, an electron beam, a photosensitive semiconductor layer, a signal plate layer, a target ring, a signal extraction resistor and a power source, since the points on the photosensitive semiconductor layer are not illuminated by the same light. Therefore, the resistivity of each point is different, and the voltage signals taken by the electron beam from each point are different, which is also a video signal.

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