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What is the difference between taking a radiograph at the bedside and taking it in the radiology department?

The differences between taking X-rays at the bedside and in the radiology department are:
1. Shooting location: Bedside shooting is usually done at the patient’s bedside, while radiology shooting needs to be done in the radiology department diagnostic room.
2. Purpose of photography: Bedside radiographs are usually used for temporary imaging examinations in emergencies or when the patient cannot move to quickly determine the condition. Radiography is a routine or detailed examination based on clinical diagnosis needs, which can provide more accurate diagnostic results.
3. Shooting equipment: Bedside shooting usually uses a handheld portable X-ray machine or a mobile DR equipment. Radiology departments usually use fixed DR equipment or advanced imaging equipment such as CT and MRI to take films.
4. Difficulty and complexity of filming: Bedside filming is often performed in emergency situations. The patient’s condition and safety need to be considered, and the filming needs to be done as quickly as possible. In contrast, radiography may be more complex, requiring consideration of factors such as patient position, equipment, and dose, and must be performed by trained professionals.
5. In general, bedside radiographs and radiology department radiographs are both very important imaging examination methods, and their usage scenarios and purposes are slightly different.
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