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What is the hand switch used for the C-arm X-ray machine?

What are the characteristics of the hand switch used in the C-arm X-ray machine? Is the hand switch used in the C-arm X-ray machine the same as the control switch of the ordinary X-ray machine?

The C-arm is an X-ray machine that can be used for fluoroscopy and filming, but for fluoroscopy and filming, a hand switch or a switch control is required. It cannot be completed by a control switch, then the hand switch for the C-arm What is it like?

The hand switch used for the C-arm is the same as the hand switch used to control ordinary filming machines.

Let’s first understand the C-arm. The difference between the C-arm X-ray machine and the ordinary X-ray machine is that the C-arm is used for imaging and photography in various operations. The general X-ray machine is switched by the hand switch. Control, the C-arm is mainly controlled by the foot switch for perspective. The difference with other X-ray equipment such as: U-shaped arm, G-shaped arm. The C-arm is mainly used in orthopedics for osteopathy, reduction, nailing, and surgery for foreign body removal, cardiac catheterization, pacemaker implantation, part of interventional therapy, part of angiography, and local photography.

The hand switch used for the C-arm mainly controls the X-ray machine’s filming and can perform filming diagnosis on the limbs.

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