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What kind of connection function does the high-voltage cable play in the X ray equipment

High-voltage cables are one of the indispensable accessories in X-ray machines. We can first look at the connection method of the high-voltage cable to accurately understand the connection function of the high-voltage cable in the X-ray machine equipment. The high-voltage cable connector mainly refers to the cable middle connector, that is, the two sections of high-voltage cable are connected into one section of cable through this component. , Sometimes also includes cable terminal connectors and connectors at both ends of the cable for connection with other equipment and lines.

The high-voltage cable high-voltage connector is an indispensable component in the high-voltage cable line. It is used to realize the connection of two high-voltage cables and improve the electric field at the end of the two high-voltage cables.

High-voltage cable contact resistance: The contact resistance of each contact pair of high-voltage cable plug and high-voltage cable socket should not be greater than 0.001Ω.

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