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What is the main purpose of X-ray

What is the main purpose of X-ray, before answering this question, we must first clarify what is X-ray.
X-ray is a type of light. It relies on high-speed electrons generated by the cathode tube to hit the anode metal target surface, and part of the lost kinetic energy is converted into X-ray, which is what we call X-ray. X-ray can penetrate objects of different densities, and then using special media, it can be converted into visible light that we can see.
So what can X-ray be used for? In fact, X-ray has many uses. It can be used for non-destructive testing in industry, and it is very useful in quality control. In medical terms, with the support of a clear imaging system, many undetermined symptoms can be determined; surgery that was originally uncertain has become more certain.

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