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What is the relationship between c-arm projector and plate?

Speaking of high-end small C arm, most of us are impressed by clear image, electric control, large opening and wide space, and high appearance. Indeed, high-end tablet small C has unique advantages compared with traditional small C. In places where large devices cannot be used, such small devices are often a better choice. So what’s the difference between high-end tablet small C and shadow increase small C?
The main difference between the two is that the dynamic plate detector breaks the limitations of JSRFGPDL such as distortion, signal loss and service life of traditional imaging. The high-end plate SMALL C will set a new standard for clinical application of minimally invasive interventional fluoroscopy imaging in orthopedics and pain.
Compared with shadow increment small C, small C tablet has obvious advantages: the image is more stable and clear, the field of vision is better, and the software algorithm is more high-end.
High-end tablet small C image is clearer, easy for orthopedic surgeons to master, easy to promote use. The plate small C commonly used in orthopedics is the bedside mobile, which plays a unique role in orthopedic surgery positioning, examination of reduction effect, minimally invasive surgery and treatment.
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