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What’s the difference between a C-arm and a Dr?

What’s the difference between a C-arm and a Dr?
1. C-arm X-ray machine is mainly used in the operating room and some interventional rooms. It can be immediately imaged on the monitor to see the results and guide the operation. An external printer can also print films.
2, C arm X-ray machine can be moved, there was a show half ring like the letter “C” type, can be more flexible direction, mainly used in surgery at the time when want to know the situation and the fracture location, DR machine in the photo studio, there are many types of shape, is more horizontal or vertical sliding square cameras, have floor, DR than X line is clear, the C arm on the operating room, Easy to move.
3. DR refers to digital imaging, which is used by radiology department to take pictures. It is just like the digital camera nowadays. Some hospital DR systems are connected to doctors’ office computers, so doctors can directly see the films on the computer, which is very convenient.
4. In the past, the ordinary X-ray machine used in radiology department was relatively fixed and had a large square shape. It needed negative film, and then it was washed out to get An X film, just like washing photos.
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