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What should I pay attention to when maintaining X-ray machines?

In the maintenance of X-ray machines, attention should be paid to the daily maintenance of the machine, and the phenomenon of only using it without maintenance should be avoided. Before or after get off work every day, clean the surface of the machine to remove dust and dirt, and keep the machine and machine room clean and dry. There should be as little or no accumulation of debris in the computer room as possible. Regularly check the fixed connections of various electrical and mechanical components, clean and remove dust, oil and rust (note that oil is strictly prohibited from contacting high-voltage cables). Check the operation of the machine and use instruments to verify various parameters if necessary. For X-ray machines that have not been used for a long time, various inspection training of the machine should be carried out before use.
It is inevitable that the X-ray machine will malfunction during use. Once a malfunction occurs, it should stop working immediately and report to professional maintenance personnel to find out the cause of the malfunction and repair it in time. Restoring the machine to its best performance state as much as possible to avoid minor inactions that may lead to disaster. Keep detailed on-file records of the machine’s daily use and repairs after failure, so that you can keep track of the machine’s performance status at any time. If you have any needs for X-ray machines, please feel free to contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953613955. Email:

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