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In what areas can analog frequency X-ray machines be used?

Analog frequency X-ray machine is a commonly used imaging equipment, mainly used in medical, security inspection, materials science and other fields. The following are several applications of AF X-ray machines:
1. Medical treatment: AF X-ray machines are mainly used in the field of medical imaging, such as chest X-ray, orthopedics, dentistry, etc. Medical AF machines can help doctors determine symptoms of diseases, such as fractures, heart disease, and cancer, by examining X-ray images inside the human body.
2. Security inspection: This kind of X-ray machine can also be used in the field of security inspection, such as airport security inspection, station security inspection, large-scale event security, etc. The security inspection analog frequency X-ray machine can check whether passengers’ luggage and backpacks carry prohibited items, such as guns, knives, flammable and explosive materials, etc.
3. Materials science: Analog machines can also be used in the field of materials science, such as material quality testing, metal material fracture analysis, etc. Material AF machines can help engineers obtain information such as the internal structure, form, and components of materials to better understand material quality.
4. Industrial field: AFs can also be used for quality inspection related to industrial products, such as welding and defective defect detection, as well as casting defect detection, capillary stacking, and non-hole detection, etc.
In summary, analog frequency X-ray machines have a wide range of applications. They can be used not only for medical examinations, but also for security inspections, material testing, and industrial production.
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