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What X-ray machine can take a chest X-ray?

Portable X-ray machines refer to X-ray machines that are mainly used to take pictures of the limbs, chest and other parts of the human body. The product is compact in design, light in weight, and easy to carry. It is very suitable for use as a bedside machine in hospitals or for physical examinations in rural areas. The portable X-ray machine mainly consists of a portable machine head and a portable machine frame. It can also be equipped with a flat-panel detector and a computer to form a portable DR.
The head power of the portable X-ray machine is generally 5KW, and the display screen uses a 10-inch touch screen, which can set the KV, mA and other parameters of the X-ray machine. The portable machine frame can be used in combination with the machine head, making it very convenient to move. The flat-panel detector is connected to the computer through software. As long as it receives X-rays, it can directly convert the rays into high-quality images, which is very convenient to use.
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