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Why customer choose portable dental x ray machine?

Dental radiographs are usually projected with dental X-ray machines. It is difficult to illuminate dental radiographs with medium-sized X-ray machines. The angle is not easy to grasp and the operation is more troublesome. In order to accurately determine the projection angle and projection center, a cone-shaped light-shading tube is made. A circular hole is made on the tube, and the tip of the cone-shaped shading tube faces the irradiation area to reduce the radiation exposure in the non-irradiated area. To obtain a standard dental film, the universal tube should be inclined at a certain angle so that the X-ray center is perpendicular to the tooth The diagonal line between the long axis of the film and the film.
Newheek has a portable dental x ray machine that looks like a camera. This portable dental x ray machine is characterized by small size, light weight, clear images, no radiation; reliable quality, complete functions, simple operation; and independent choice of AC, DC, AC DC dual-purpose, the use methods are divided into handheld, wall-mounted, stand-mounted, etc.; remote control, manual switch control can be used, the charger is suitable for power sources in various countries.
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