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If you need a dental film machine

A private hospital recently needed to purchase a new dental film machine, and they found us through email. After understanding the customer’s needs, we first confirmed with the customer whether they needed to take pictures of a single tooth or the entire oral cavity. These two usage requirements correspond to different dental films, so as to avoid the purchased equipment being unusable due to incorrect information.
We roughly explained the differences between the two dental films to the customer, and the customer replied that he would confirm this issue with the department doctor. If the hospital needs to take pictures of a single tooth for the patient, the vertical dental film machine sold by our company, which is popular in domestic dental clinics and hospitals, meets the hospital’s usage needs, and sent the customer a photo of the matching digital sensor. This digital imaging can directly view the image on the computer. The customer also asked about the differences between the two imaging methods of the dental film machine’s matching digital sensor and the matching dental film. We explained to them the operation methods of these two imaging methods and their respective advantages and disadvantages for reference.
We hope that our professional experience can help every customer finally choose the product solution that suits them. The customer was very satisfied with our service and expressed his gratitude.
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