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Would you choose a mobile X-ray machine or a fixed X-ray machine?

I heard that mobile X-ray machines have become very popular recently. Many hospitals have purchased this equipment and asked us what kind of equipment should we configure? Let me make a comparison between these two products. In this article, let’s first analyze the disadvantages of mobile X-ray machines:
1. The technical parameters of mobile x-ray machines are generally low. For example, power fluctuations have a great impact on small capacity, and may have a greater impact on image quality.
2. The mobile X-ray machine has been moving and bumpy for a long time, and the equipment maintenance is difficult to improve, and the quality assurance and quality control are not ideal.
3. The mobile x-ray machine pays attention to portability and mobility, and will not be equipped with too many auxiliary facilities. Even some routine examination items are difficult, such as standing chest radiographs and standing abdominal radiographs taken at the bedside. It is difficult to accomplish this with one piece of equipment alone.
4. X-ray inspection has radiation damage. The walls, doors and windows of the radiology ward have been treated with radiation protection as required, but the general ward does not have these protective measures. Both the patient and the radiologist will receive more radiation doses when taking pictures at the bedside, and the patient’s family members, patients in the same room and even medical staff in the ward may also be exposed to unnecessary radiation.
Of course, mobile X-ray machines also have irreplaceable advantages, such as excellent portability and shooting in multiple scenarios. Customers can choose an X-ray machine that suits them according to their needs.

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Author: Lillian

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