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X-ray machine for detecting USB data cable

How to detect the goodness of the soldering after the USB data cable is soldered to the connector? This requires special X-ray machine nondestructive testing equipment to achieve.

X-ray machine for USB data line detection mainly includes the following components:
1. X-ray source, namely X-ray generating device or combined head
2. X-ray harness, which restricts X-ray projection to a limited detection range
3. The image intensifier receives the X-ray transmitted through the USB connector and converts the X-ray invisible light into a visible light signal. After the photoelectric effect, it is converted from the output screen into an enhanced light signal for the camera to capture.
4. Digital imaging system, mainly including digital cameras, monitors, etc. The digital camera stores and processes the captured light signal, and the inspector can view the X-ray image through the monitor.
The X-ray machine for testing USB data cable can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. For details, please consult newheek +86 15628738108

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