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x ray machine is developing

On May 24th, an African-American named Freud, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA was pressed to the ground after being detained by four police officers, one of whom held his knee against his neck. After 5 to 7 minutes, he was declared dead. At present, four policemen have been dismissed, and federal authorities have announced that they will intervene in the investigation.

Freud was videotaped and uploaded to the Internet when he was arrested by the police. This incident led to a wave of protests in Minneapolis and other American cities.

Bachelet said: “This is the latest incident in which the United States police and members of the public have continuously killed unarmed African-Americans.” She pointed out that in recent years, there have been repeated instances of unarmed African-Americans being killed by police and armed public officials .

She pointed out, “The U.S. authorities must take serious action to stop this kind of killing and ensure that justice is done after the killing.” She said, “The procedures must be changed, the prevention system must be in place, and most importantly, excessive use of force Police officers should be charged and convicted for their crimes. ”

She said: “I am very pleased that the federal authorities have announced that this case will be investigated first. But in too many cases in the past, such investigations have led to murders being considered to be justified or just resolved through administrative means.”

She pointed out: “The role of entrenched and widespread racial discrimination in these deaths must be fully reviewed, properly recognized and dealt with.”

Bachelet said she understood the anger caused by Freud ’s killing, and urged people in Minneapolis and elsewhere to maintain a peaceful manner when protesting.

She said: “Violence and destruction of property will not solve the problem of violence and widespread discrimination by the police.” She said: “I urge protesters to express their demands for justice in a peaceful manner. I urge the police to take the utmost caution and do not go further Excessive use of force to avoid ‘fueling the fire’ on the current situation. ”
x ray machine have made a great progress.
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